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Our teams play in the Bristol Friendly 'League’, the Bristol Saturday Youth League (BSYL) and in the Avon Youth League. We play matches against other local youth teams.

Bristol Friendly 'League'

Years 2-5 play in the Bristol Friendly 'League', which organises friendly matches between local youth teams. It's a great opportunity for all the kids to play in proper matches, but still with a friendly ethos and not too competitive, as there are no points to be won.

Bristol Saturday Youth League (BSYL)

Years 5-9 play in the Bristol Saturday Youth League (BSYL), which is a local youth football league played on Saturday mornings. 

For details of matches in the BSYL as well as results, tables and league news please see the BSYL pages on the FA FullTime website here: Link to BSYL website

Avon Youth League

One of our Year 7 teams also plays matches on Sundays in the Avon Youth League for the 2023-24 season - see here for details.


Training Sessions

For our Reception and Year One age groups - and for when Years 2-9 don't have a match - we run training sessions on Saturday mornings at Stoke Lodge (see home page for details) or at other local facilities. Most teams also do training on one evening during the week. Each training session lasts around an hour or so and covers specific skills based on FA approved practices. Every session typically includes 20 minutes of game-related practice and a 20 minute match.

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